In recent weeks I had the sad experience of my mother’s passing away. She already suffered from a chronic illness and we knew that her physical departure would occur soon, but we never thought that soon.

All of her children had to travel to Lima as an emergency.

When I saw my mother’s lifeless body. After a few minutes of doing so, I became aware that that body was no longer “my mother.”

My mother IS the divine energetic spark that precisely made that body move, and gave those beautiful smiles, hugs, and kisses. That divine spark was no longer with her, that energetic spark was free again, in the celestial universe. Forming once again part of God and all the beings she loved and who left before her.

I became aware again that that divine energetic spark was within us, it was within me.
At that moment I stopped being sad, because despite missing her physical presence and earthly attachment.

Now I am certain that my mother is still alive, within each of us, within me.


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