2023 Christmas message

During these Christmas celebrations, I want you not to feel alone, to experience gratitude for being alive, to appreciate the people and things that make you happy, and to help your life experience positively.
May you remember with joy the people you love who are no longer here and may you have gratitude for the experiences lived with them.
May their “joyful” memory always live in you.
Despite the attachment, may you keep yourself away from people and things that do not contribute positively to your life, nor you to theirs; and keep each other stuck.
May the best company for you be yourself.
May you put joy in your life and the lives of others.
May love, happiness and peace be present in your heart, and may you have coherence in your life to manifest what brings growth to your existence.
Merry Christmas and may you manifest what you need to manifest in 2024 for your highest purpose.
With love, Edgar

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