Who am I?

Mystic Intuitive Reader that provides Energy Psychic by using the “Powdered Cinnamon Modality”

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My name is Edgar deVelasco and I am originally from the mystical country of Peru. I worked in Corporate America for more than 22 years and decided to do a life path change to be able to fully use my gifts and be in purpose. With this in mind, I’ve been practicing and mastering Reiki and energy intuitive healing that draws on my gifts of psychic and mediumistic abilities to gain insights on what is in alignment with your highest purpose. I have gained a deep understanding of the body’s energy system and integrative healing practices.

I also apply different techniques to remove recent and/or old emotions that would keep you stuck in life and not able to move forward into accomplishing your personal life milestones.

I combine psychic and mediumistic energies to provide coaching when the time comes for you to make major decisions during important life events. On the other hand, I use my original “powdered cinnamon” modality to conduct effective psychic intuitive readings to spiritually guide you.  This reading can be done in person or virtually (via Zoom).

I am fluent in English, Spanish, and French.

Powdered cinnamon modality to conduct effective psychic readings to guide individuals:

How does it work?

By throwing the powdered cinnamon over a white plate, the contrast between the brown powdered cinnamon and the white plate generates images that I interpret to find out what is going on in your life.

After the original consultation, you can choose up to two areas of your life that you would like to explore or obtain more information about.

To accomplish this, the plate needs to be shaken to change the powdered cinnamon’s position and generate new images. I would interpret these new images based on the area(s) you selected.

Whatever is shown in the “powdered cinnamon images” gives me a chance to channel some information on what is going on in your life to identify any blockages you might have.

It will also clear your energy level and free you up from stuck emotions that can sabotage your events, projects and even relationships.

Once those stuck emotions are identified, they can be easily removed by using different modalities (selected based on each person’s needs) such as, Reiki, breathing techniques, tapping, shaking, etc.

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