2023/ 2024 – End of year message

Everything that begins, must end. Nothing continues statically, everything evolves, although sometimes we don’t even realize it.

2023 is ending. The perception we have will tell us if we perceive it as a good year or a bad one.

The way we perceive things makes a big difference. In this way, if you perceived 2023 as a bad or good year; then, the year went that way for you. There is nothing that will make it change, except the way you perceive it.

Every event and/or situation is not 100% good, nor is it 100% bad, it all depends on how you see it or perceive it.

Step #1, I invite you to focus on 2023, and look at all the major events that happened to you and see the positive aspects that they brought into your life and the people around you.

Ex: I got sick, that gave me time to rest and/or read something I wanted to do, spend more time with my family, etc.

Look on the positive side of things and with gratitude.

Remember that you can only give that perspective to what happens to you. What happens in the world has many different perceptions and it all depends on how it is perceived, approached and communicated.

Step #2, focus on 2024 and visualize what you want to accomplish in life, just to have a reference point.
To do this, I want you to close your eyes and visualize 4 things you want for in 2024. Focus on your breathing when you do this exercise.

Take your time to visualize and daydream!

Step #3, once done. Write down the 4 focus points, so you don’t forget, and stick them on your wall. If you wish, attach representative photos or magazine clippings. So every time you see them, you will visualize and focus on whatever you want to do.

Remember that in our life, it is important to have a balance between “being” and “doing”.

If you want to explore 2024, contact me for a “cinnamon reading” and we can visualize what is best for you.

→ Let’s Get Started! 

Happy new year 2024!!!

Edgar deVelasco


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