Parallel Lives

I had a Past Life Regression session with Marichu (A friend from Spain). During the regression, Marichu asked me to see myself from outside of my body. That’s what I did.

When I did it, I had a slightly dark vision of me lying on my bed and continued staring at me for a while.

A few seconds later, I felt like I was elevating myself into outer space. For a few minutes, I just lay in space, watching the stars and then, green lights that looked like the northern lights fluctuating in space.

Then, I saw something that looked like a spaceship, which was half transparent. Later, I entered that spaceship. I could easily transport myself wherever I wanted, I could move from one place to another.

I felt like I did not have any weight. I felt exceptionally light! I felt like I could make quantum leaps to go from one place to another.

The beings that were inside the spaceship were energetic, their bodies were half transparent, and luminous. It seems like they were there, but they were not.

I felt like I was part of them. This was my higher self, and I was, at that moment, performing a task, a mission. The beings were coordinating, discussing things, working. They realized I was there, but they didn’t care.

At that moment, I became aware that my life on earth was just “an experience.” An experience of many that I had. For my dense “being” with a physical body, that experience was “my entire life” on this planet.

Suddenly I also became aware that these experiences can be pleasurable. If we have coherence between what we think, feel, and do.

When coherence is missing due to “obstacles” created by programming and fear. We block ourselves and do not have a pleasant earthly experience. On the contrary, we become frustrated and our body somatizes, which creates diseases.

This is the only way we can express discontent and frustration. To the point that we already want to end that experience (life) because it is not pleasant at all.
This happens when we do what we don’t want to do, and we DON’T do what we do want to do.

We see and hear what we don’t want, and we DO NOT see or hear what we want.

How to mitigate obstacles?
There are three ways; avoiding them (around, over, or under it), waiting for them to pass (doing nothing), or facing it and going straight into it.

We all could have a consistently enjoyable life experience. That is our learning. It’s fun! We plan everything before we come. We do it with other stellar beings.

Why? Because, in the energetic state, we cannot feel; therefore, the only way to experience physically is through this dense body, in the third dimension of this planet. It is a game! a challenge! An adventure!

In a very strange way, I felt capable of answering any questions. I felt like I knew everything. My body did not feel. It was light. It was very light.

When I returned to my body, I immediately felt dense again, I felt the urge to urinate and a tingling in my arms and legs.

It was an amazing experience.

It looks like I wanted to have this experience alone because Marichu could not continue, Skype cut off communication in a very mysterious way. At the end of my experience, I called up Marichu. I told her about my entire experience, and she asked me to write it down.

I would love to read your comments about this experience and share if you had similar experiences.


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Edgar deVelasco

Hi Chris, my higher self is in another dimension….this version of myself was able to join my higher self on a different dimension/reality. Hard to understand, but I know that my higher self is my true self. This life is just an experience I’m having.