The Gift

Things don’t happen by chance, they happen for “a reason”. This story took place on Tuesday, March 26th, 2024, in the city of Miami Beach, Florida.

It all began early in the morning, during a virtual meditation facilitated by Ximena Beltrán. During this meditation, I recalled an event that I had already forgotten, which happened several years ago.

Just to give you a short historical context, my father, Alfonso, passed away almost 10 years ago. As the meditation ended, something that happened a long time ago, so much so that I almost forgot about it, suddenly came into my mind.

What happened? Well, during one of my visits to Lima, Peru, where my parents lived when they were still alive. On a gray Lima afternoon (and now I remember it very well since I visualized it during the meditation), as I was saying goodbye to my father before my return to the United States, I hugged him and kissed him.

At that moment, he took off a little medal necklace he had hanging around his neck, which he always wore, and put it around my neck while hugging me. That surprised me a lot, and I said, “Dad! Don’t worry, this medal necklace is yours, keep it to yourself.”

To which my father replied, “I want to give it to you!” With that answer, I accepted it, thanked him, and headed to the airport.

Upon remembering this event, I began searching for that medal necklace everywhere, but I couldn’t find it. I probably lost it a while ago, as I didn’t see or give any value to it.

I felt bad for losing a gift from my father. I meditated again, and this time, during the meditation, I visualized my father and said to him: “Dad, I’m sorry for not understanding that, even though that medal necklace didn’t have much value, you gave it to me with LOVE, and I am infinitely grateful for that. Then, I physically raised my arms and felt my dad’s energy touching my hands. I started crying with emotion, telling him in my mind that I now understood that the gift had been given to me with much LOVE, since at that moment it was all, he had (My father suffered from Parkinson’s for many years before he died) and I accepted it that way.

Furthermore, in my mind, I connected and communicated with him how sorry I was for losing that medal necklace, that I now gave it supreme value because it came from him, and that I loved him very much. The communication was very clear and energetic. I felt his energy all around me. Again, tears rolled down my cheeks with high emotion.

After that, I told my siblings through our private chat that I had felt Dad’s energy and that, in general, children are more attached to their mothers since they spend more time with them. However, a woman cannot conceive if she has not been fertilized by a man.

The gratitude to our parents is to both the mother and the father. Regardless of the behavior the father or mother may have had. They helped us incarnate in this world, and we must be very grateful.

If they were not perfect, who is? no one can give what they do not have. We are all masters of our own existences and those of others.

Well, here’s what happened next. After that experience, late in the evening, I went to an event in Miami Beach. A guided full moon meditation facilitated by my friend Alejandro.

At the end of the event, I saw my friend Carlos, who is a massage therapist and Reiki master, and Amarillys (Alejandro’s sister). Amarillys, who also knew Carlos, said to him: “Hello, Carlos. Nice to see you again. Last time we saw each other, you offered me a “Japa Mala” (a sacred meditation tool like Christian rosaries that helps connect with the present moment and can also be used as a necklace or bracelet, as an ornament. In Sanskrit, Japa means ‘repeating prayers’ and mala means ‘meditation garland’).

Carlos replied: “Sure!” He took off the “Japa Mala” he had around his neck and put it around Amarillys’ neck. I watched the scene with great delight.

Then, she took off another “Japa Mala” she had around her neck. I immediately thought she was going to give it to Carlos, as an exchange. However, to my great surprise suddenly, she put it around my neck, saying: “Here it is! I made it myself, with much LOVE.”

At that moment, I felt my father’s energy again, and I felt that he was the one giving back to me “the gift”. Those were the same words I visualized with my father right in the morning. Immediately, tears welled up in my eyes again with emotion and gratitude. They didn’t know why I was crying, so I told them the story. Amarillys confirmed this by saying:

“Edgar! I don’t know why I felt like giving it to you.”

The lost gift was returned to me. Made with much love. I felt that somehow the fact that many years ago I had underestimated my father’s gift and hadn’t given it the importance it deserved was remedied. To my great joy, after our connection, the gift came back to me.

This time I received it with much love, joy, excitement, and gratitude. So much gratitude for that symbolic gesture that made me appreciate my father and feel so much love for him. Much love and gratitude.

Believe me! time “does not exist,” it’s an illusion. The past only exists in our minds, through memories. Therefore, with our minds, we can re-live and/or change it if we want to and are determined to do so.

I invite you if you have had any misunderstandings with a loved one or said something that you later regretted saying. Talk to that person, if they are still alive and present, and fix the situation.

On the other hand, if the person is no longer here and has passed away or you cannot find them. Follow these steps:

  1. Sit in a comfortable, quiet place where you are alone.
  2. Think about the person with whom you had a misunderstanding.
  3. Do a breathing exercise, slowly until you are completely relaxed.
  4. Once you are completely relaxed, visualize the person who is no longer present and remember the moment when the misunderstanding occurred, or the words said that did not make sense. With faith and conviction, change the story!
  5. Feel that person in front of you and tell him/her what you really wanted to tell him/her (based on your current experience). In other words, mentally re-live the past in the present and change it. Change it in the best possible way, explain and visualize the other person understanding and smiling. Visualize hugging the other person and saying you love him/her.
  6. Finally, with much love and gratitude once the misunderstanding has been resolved in your mind. Say goodbye to the person with much love and gratitude.

Be grateful that the misunderstanding has been resolved and that hurtful words, if any, were stopped before being said, and the words that came out were of love and gratitude.

Do this exercise, and you will have changed the past in the present time. You will have played with time. From this moment on, that past could be now a pleasant and enjoyable memory.

Remember, every problem has a solution. There is a very fine line that separates the imaginary from reality. If you see it and feel it, it exists.

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Latest comments (24)

Marla Dunsmuir

Hello Edgar

Thank you for the gift I could feel my heart energy all through the reading and even felt my Dad, STAN, a very great man and one of my guides. Sending you a big hug from Canada. Blessings …your friend Marla

Dana Bysterska

Hi Ed!

This is very inspiring story. So many times I gave gifts to others and they did not really appreciate it, but then, hey, so many times I received different gifts and I did not really appreciate it…. I would say, that more LOVE and consciousness is needed… Blessings to you for your awakening! You put on a light, that we ALL can see better!! LOVE to ALL Dana

Bronwyn KrystalKundalini

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story Edgar, I got goosebumps all over as I read about you receiving the gift from your friend and your father’s energy coming in as you did…….so magical and wonderful…….a gift indeed 💝

Claudia Desilles

Thank you Edgar for sharing this very beautiful and touching story of you and your father .,as well as the techniques for connecting with loved ones who are in the beyond about things we have done or said to them we regret and change the whole situation. ..We can change the past as time is not linear .So powerful , as Alcazar was saying about changing 7 generations in the past 7 generations in the future . We are indeed in a new timeline .