Empathy, Compassion, Gratitude, and Love

Last week, on my way back home after dropping off my brother at work, I took the highway and at the exit, leading to my house, there was an intersection with a red traffic light.

A beggar was standing there, perhaps he was homeless. Lately, there have been many beggars and homeless people seen throughout South Florida. Perhaps, it’s because winters in this area are not as harsh as those in the northern part of the United States.

While waiting for the traffic light to turn green so I could continue my way home, I noticed this man and saw that he had a crutch (just on one side) and could barely walk. It was a cold winter morning (again, not as harsh as in the northern part of the country).

The man was of medium height, with a robust build, with light brown hair, and he was wearing worn-out sneakers. He had on a dark sweater and was walking in the opposite direction of my car.

At that moment, I thought, “This man is spending time outdoors, during cold and inclement weather (rain, strong winds, etc.). What a pain he must be experiencing, living in such conditions.”

I don’t know what led this person to be on the streets, but I felt very sad seeing someone in that situation. He was holding a small sign that said, “I’m hungry, please help.”

I never carry a lot of cash with me. I checked my wallet and I only had $2.00. I moved a little closer to him while driving.

Once near him, I stretched out my arm and touched his shoulder; he turned around and intensely stared at me. As I handed him the money, I looked back at him and was able to notice in his gray eyes the sadness and suffering he was going through.

At that moment, I felt a very strange sensation; I felt his pain.

I continued to look into his eyes and said: “Don’t worry, brother!  Everything is gonna change. God bless you!”

At that moment, I felt a strike of unconditional love. I didn’t care about his condition; he was a human being in front of me, just like me. That was enough!

We exchanged glances again and I felt the connection once more. Then, the traffic light turned green, and I had to move on.

As the car continued moving forward, I could see in the rearview mirror that the man was still looking at me, with the money in his hand.

Throughout the remaining of my way back home, tears of sadness welled up in my eyes, and as the tears ran down my cheeks, I thought the following:

How fortunate I am! I felt infinite gratitude for life. For never going through that painful path. For having the knowledge, skills, tools, and determination to continue with my life in a dignified and not-so-painful way.

Then, I began to list the things and situations for which I have and would have to be grateful, and there were MANY. At that moment, I thanked God, the Universe and this time, tears of emotion continued to run down my cheeks.

When we feel gratitude for life, for everything, or for the little things we have. Energies and vibrations of love are emitted because gratitude goes against scarcity and eliminates it.

By being thankful, it is precisely when we become aware that there is abundance in many aspects of our lives (love, relationships, work, money, friendships, etc.).

I invite you to become aware of the life situations for which you should be grateful.

  • List them,
  • Write them down,
  • Read them aloud; and
  • Be thankful.

 Yes, be thankful for becoming aware that you have been blessed.

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