The mind is an excellent servant and a terrible leader

The mind is an excellent servant and a terrible leader. I am not my mind, I AM (I don’t want to add up any adjectives that limit my whole existence).

The mind is at my service to take me to places, and to create realities. I, as a supreme being, can command what I want, the mind obeys and makes it happen. The mind takes me and shows me unimaginable places. If I command it, the mind creates it. However, it is ME who must give the command, the directions.

Since the mind does not exist on its own, it’s just an instrument; when I do not take that lead, when I do not take that POWER that is within myself and let the mind loose. When I put the mind as a “leader/boss/captain /master”, the mind does NOT know what to do and wanders around.

It has no decision-making power, it generates fear and doubts; Why? Because it does NOT know where to go, it waits for the command of the captain (ME), who provides directions as to where to go. The mind, by nature, is not the “captain”, it is just a tool.

I say it again; when I promote it to “captain” the mind doesn’t know what to do and that scares it. It just gives me irrelevant ideas/thoughts that do not take me anywhere. Those thoughts would keep me stuck. By knowing this, why do I promote my mind as a captain? Very simply, what happens is that I am “programmed” not to take charge of my existence and to externally look for others to do it for me.

Of course, they will take me to where they want me to be, not to where I want to BE. When I, as a supreme being, take my position as leader of my own existence and USE my mind as a tool, I can go as far as I wanna go. The question is: If I have the belief that I cannot govern myself and I depend on something or someone external to do so. How to become the “captain” of my own existence?

During a channeling, I came out with some ideas and guidelines on how to be the “captain” of my existence:

First, just to become aware that you can “really” do it, think about something that you did in the past that seemed impossible to do; however, YOU DID IT!

Today, if your mind is directing your existence, you CAN NOT explain how you were able to accomplish it back then, correct? What happened? Very simply, at that moment in history, you accepted your position as a “captain” and decided to do so.

Your mind, like an excellent servant, obeyed you and focused on making it happen. The rest was history.

Second, this is a practice that “everyone” could do. I invite you to go slowly, like learning how to walk. Step by Step!

Third, to begin your new reality, make small decisions that come from your INNER BEING and command your mind to focus and act.

Fourth, little by little, but with perseverance, you will make those decisions that lead you to take quantum leaps, as high as you want them to be.

This could lead you TO BE your authentic SELF (existence, home, plenitude, bliss, etc).

Finally, don’t just read these suggestions, experience them! practice them! and then you tell me…I will do the same.

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I like your take on the operating principles of the mind from the view of the human seat. I am then inspired to ask about your take on the mind as a vibrational state of consciousness, infinitely being created in every moment unconsciously by each of us. Is this a view you are familiar with?

Edgar de Velasco
Edgar de Velasco

It’s with our consciousness that we can use our minds. Not allowing the mind to use us. The mind (ego) is part of our humaneness. Its purpose is to keep us alive and survive.