Channeling with the Universe

Around mid-2012, I was attending a “Crystal Healing Workshop” facilitated by Mika Nelson at the “Center for Human Development” in Hollywood, Florida.

As part of the workshop activities, we did a deep meditation with crystals. In order to do this, I grabbed one of the crystals in my hands and slowly began meditation.

I never imagined that this meditation would’ve taken me on an astral journey, to outer space and to have visions that up to that point, I had never experienced before.

As I already mentioned, I was sitting in the room at the “Center for Human Development” when I grabbed a crystal and calmed down my mind. After a few minutes, I felt like I was in the void. I felt total peace. Then, somehow, I think I tele-projected myself. Suddenly, I appeared in outer space. I saw stars and planets as if I were floating in space. Not physically, but a projection of me.

At that point, I turned my attention to the right side when I visualized three large beings that were floating. They were very tall, and thin, with burnt silver skin color, big eyes, and thin lips. Their heads were a bit large and oval with no hair. The being that was floating in the middle had a cape; the others did not.

When I looked into the eyes of the one in the middle, I felt so much love and trust, absolutely no fear whatsoever. On the contrary, I felt that I already knew them in some way.

The one in the middle had light eyes, a very beautiful look, and radiated lots of love.

I was delighted with such a presence. At that moment, I established a telepathic communication with them. We didn’t talk to each other with words, but we exchanged ideas, or rather, they sent ideas and visions to my mind. The visions were very lucid and vivid.

They projected visions to me (as if I were watching movie scenes in my mind) of how they had come to planet Earth. First, they settled in the oceans; then, they came to the surface (to the mountains). Some of those souls incarnated on Earth to mix with humans and were some of the Masters of History who stood out with their contributions to this planet, such as Jesus, Buddha, Michael Angelo, etc.

Then, I visualized the projection of a planet that was like a huge crystal with irregular shapes. I saw lights moving and traveling inside the crystal-like planet.

I thought to myself: Who and how can they live over there in such a condition? They heard my thoughts telepathically; they made me understand that they were energetic beings that had no body and were able to flow within the energy of the crystal.

I perfectly understood what they showed and indicated to me.

Then, they communicated to me that planet Earth was changing vibration. To accomplish this task, many of the people who have been born in the last 30 years or so are beings from other galaxies who are coming to help in the evolution of this planet. However, some did not feel comfortable, because the energy of this planet seemed very dense to them and they withdrew into themselves (autism), others are taking drugs or committing suicide. However, the majority are adapting and taking this task very seriously.

They communicated to me that part of our mission is to support these incarnates to complete their work of changing the vibration of this planet and its inhabitants by changing our consciousness. This will open us up to multidimensionality and be able to evolve, as other worlds did.

I was grateful for the message and then my projection returned to the room where I was doing the meditation. I lost track of time; therefore, I don’t know how much time went by, but the images remained very vivid in my mind.

Everything happened so quickly that I forgot to ask who they were or where they came from. What I was clear about was that, in some way, I was related to them, like I already knew them before.

This experience took place in 2012, about 12 years ago and I still remember it as if it had happened yesterday. My life has changed a lot since then (occupation, travel, relationships, etc.) and will continue changing…

Please submit your comments and share if you had similar experiences, since I know many folks started having this kind of experience.


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Wow what an amazing trippy story this is. I’ve been amazed in my own personal encounters too with the various natural elements and their ability to support human health in so many ways. I’ve not explored crystals though so that might be one of my next adventures 😁